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Meet derelict (Malang) In Pakistan, who is MBA from USA


“Never judge a book by its cover”


The best proverb which can portray this man. It depends upon how you perceive this man but to me he is a pious and a practical example of  dignity of our culture and religion. The people like us go on dreaming about places far away from us but the things which we are blessed are left undiscovered.

People getting benefit from it oblige us to adopt it, are we not capable to explore?

The person about whom I am talking about is one of those you have scolded or never paid attention thinking them worthless. These people are commonly known as Malang in Pakistan.

People think as they are beggars or drug addict but sometimes they can be much opposite of what you think.


What he says?
“People visit darbar. They think I’m poor, broke, retard and a dirty drug addict human. Allot of people say I’m  “Fankar” (dramy baaz) What they don’t know about me is that I have done MBA from U.S. I visited Pakistan right after graduating. I was raised in Miami but as soon I visited Pakistan, explored culture and Islam. I fell in love with it, it was hard for me to go back to the American life style but I had to, After 5 years I came back to Pakistan, left everything  and adopted Sufism as my life style or you can say ‘Living the sufi dream’ *laughs* I hope people understand the meaning of Islam  which is peace.”

Source: People of Pakistan

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