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Meera’s fight in Nadia Khan Show [Video]


Actress Meera always do something new whether it is her weird English or her scandals regarding her personal life. But now she messed up with the team of Nadia Khan Show (GEO TV).


The queen of controversies this time has mess herself with the Nadia Khan. A special episode of Nadia Khan Show in which Meera was likely to be guest was scheduled to air on GEO TV on Monday morning. But Meera created the troubles for the management saying that she will host the show till end. It was quiet surprising for the host of Nadia Khan Show, Nadia Khan. In a talk with Ayesha Khan in Nadia Khan Show, Nadia Khan revealed that Meera asked for directing the whole show.

The demands of Meera were turned down by the show management. But on the day of the show, behind the screen, Meera messed up with the whole team of the Nadia Khan Show. She even beat the producer of the show. It was a very embarrassing situation for the artist present at the set.

Later on the host Nadia Khan shared this bad experience with her fans over social media platform. She openly critcised this attitude and said ‘the war is on’. “Meera is always a step ahead when it comes to gaining publicity. No matter what she has to do”, she added.

Here is the video:

Nadia Khan talking about the incident

Demands Of Meera to attend Nadia Khan Show


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