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Mazaaq Raat: Vasay Chaudhry took over after Noman Ijaz’s depart


The social media was with buzz after the news of Noman Ijaz’s departure from the famous political-comedy show was surfacing. Although, many diehard fans of the show weren’t believing the news of the departure of the host of their famous show. But after the cat came out of the bag, many were depressed and simultaneously, many were also confident to watch the show under hosting of multi-talented Vasay Chaudhry.


The episode of Mazaaq Raat on 21st October was the last one hosted by Noman Ijaz, after that the news was everywhere about his departure and even the senior journalist and anchor Sami Ibrahim also claimed about Noman Ijaz leaving the famous show Mazaaq Raat. The show which is on-aired thrice a week was taken over this week by the Vasay Chaudhry. So far Vasay has hosted 2 episodes of the political-comedy show which is aired on Dunya TV, his first one on the show was on 27th October, in which former Test Cricketer Abdul Qadir and gorgeous actress Fiza Ali arrived as guest.


Not to forget, Mazaaq Raat is on-aired from September 2013, and from then its permanent host Noman Ijaz along with his team played big role in making this show famous countrywide and no doubt they did it successfully.

Tweet by Dunya News before Vasay Chaudhry’s first show in MazaaqRaat 

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