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Mathira new song: Modern version of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ by sizzling performer


Controversy prone Mathira gets recorded the all time famous national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ with a video that goes viral on social media.


VJ cum actress Mathira has now employed her melodious voice to sing ever-green national song to celebrate this year’s Independence Day.

The famous actress Mathira has not only sung the anthem but also acted upon in a video with her solo entry and performance. In this indoor video, the actress is waving a national flag which is reflecting the colour of her outfits as she puts on a green tunic during the performance.
The song was originally sung by the 80s flourished band Vital Signs in bygone days.

Having always been in targets of censurers who never let any chance of criticising her, the young actress-singer has shown herself in a completely different style this time.


Mathira Instagram

She has also already got recorded a song in her voice to officially mark herself as a singer beside being an actress. Mathira has worked in couple of Pakistani movies and currently busy in another project which will be released soon. She has also been offered movies from Bollywood as well.

Here is the Song:

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