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Kit kat talcum powder actor returns with arrogant mood in new optical ad: Video


The kit kat talcum powder ad actor who became overnight sensation after  talcum ad went viral on internet  which was   made for local cable ad. His new ad is nothing less joy and delight to watch. 


This time around, it is nothing less what you can expect from Kit Kat talcum actor, giving away his presence in optical shop advertisement, guy seemed in a no-lift mood as he knows he exactly, he is kind of social media star.

Setting of commercial is hilarious, walking on road and two women stopped him and asked if he is  putting eye-glasses ( “baat sunaen, yai nazar ki aenk hay”?)… Why Nazar is your maternal uncle “Nazar (Urdu name) Mama lagta hay”, and then reaction on the girls are worth-watching..

kit kat



Then on serious not he said, it is my glasses ( “Yai meri aenak hay”)… one of the women then said,you can tell this politely too …( Zara Ikhlaq (Urdu Name) say baat karen”)….  “Why should  i talk to Ikhlaq, he is my servant” ( main kyun ikhlaq say baat karon, wo mera mulazim hay)…


One can apply different writing techniques to describe, what he was up to in the commercial but in this case seeing is enjoying … so see and enjoy…



He’s back with a bang!

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Kit Kat gem:


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