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Kim Kardashian posted photo on Instagram “I have nothing to wear”


The ultimately sizzling American actress knows how to be in the headlines. It is not that she has to put an effort to be over there, she has her own place all around the globe. Kardashian, with whopping number of followers on Instagram posted a latest photo which automatically raised the temperature of the atmosphere.


Kim holds around 62 million followers on Instagram, and none out of them would be surprise with all that as the sultry actress is often up with some sexylicious pictures for her fans and followers which are never less than an awesome treat.

Since very beginning of her career she was doing well but she stepped the real heights after her sex tape with boy friend Ray J was leaked back in 2007.

Kardashian posted her pic on Instagram captioning it as “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”. The photo taken by Kim from her iPhone was a nude one, which she later posted by adding black bars correctly to hide her modesty.

Is that ‘breaking the internet’ attempt by Kardashian, she has done this multiple times earlier.



Kim with oozing sexiness has set a benchmark by lagging all others behind. That is why whenever its about a sexy girl, she is being compared with this 35 year-old reality star.


Blast from the past: Kim flaunting it rightly

Bareback Kim Kardashian

Cleavage Show by Kim

Pregnant Kim showing enough of it


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