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Junaid Jamshed’s first message after attack is winning the hearts


Several hours after the condemnable incident occurred at Benazir International Airport, the victim of the attack, singer-turned-evangelist Junaid Jamshed via his Twitter account has extended a message for his followers and well wishers who were curios to know about his health after the incident.


Within his series of short message on social media platform he has also shown the positive side of religion Islam as beside the attack by group of religious fanatics he hasn’t cursed upon them and has hoped for the betterment of their next generation.

Junaid Jamshed’s message after being attacked by mob at airport:



The people on social media are also condemning the organised attack of the religious group followers on one of the most integral religious scholars of the country.

Video of Junaid Jamshed being beaten by religious fanatics 

The video shows  group of religious followers brutally attacking Junaid Jamshed, whereas no security intervention can be seen in the video. The passerby and people around interrupted in to provide a safe passage to the religious scholar.

The attackers claimed that Junaid Jamshed committed blasphemy and that is why they were searching him since long.

Full video of Junaid Jamshed being attacked by religious followers

Junaid Jamshed’s video after being rescued from the attack at airport


After Junaid Jamshed was being rescued, the people gathered around him and acquired about the whole matter, Jamshed responded that they are abusing me because of the differences of sects.

According to the discussion of the attackers, it seems that they were beating the prominent scholar because of his comments regarding a wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

From the past:

The incident of alleged blasphemy committed by Juniad Jamhsed was raised back in 2014, upon which he later asked for an apology publicly. After Jamshed’s apology and forgiveness, all the protests at that time were stopped.

Video: Junaid Jamshed apologizes over his comments about wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)



Twitterati burst after attack on Junaid Jamshed









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