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Islamophobia: Stacy Eden defended Muslim couple on a train


 SYDENY: Stacey Eden, 23, sprout as a heroine in social media after standing up for Muslim couple who were maligned by the follow traveler in a train.


Stacey recorded the video of 48 seconds, in which it can be seen that a old age white women ridiculing the Islam and also the Hijab which was wearied by the female in the video.

Stacey words while rescuing the couple,”What’s it got to do with this poor lady? That’s not her doing it, that’s a minority of people all over the world. “She wears it for herself because she wants to be modest.

“It’s got nothing to do with you. Have some respect, shut your mouth, if you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.’


Australian group ‘The Islamphobia Register’ issue a statement admiring Eden;s actions shortly after the incident was reported on Daily Mail Australia.

Stacey Eden while uploading the video wrote these lines along with video


So I sat there for a good 10 minutes before i started recording this. While I listened tot his bad mouth Muslims and call the lady sitting opposite me an ISIS supporter beacasue she wore a scarf. The she told to go join ISIS  because i was sticking up for her. People like this make me sick. People who are so ignorant and disrespectful to other people who were clearly sitting here minding heir own business.


‘She was saying some pretty horrible and hurtful things before i spoke up then as soon as I started defending them she stopped.

“People need to stop judging and putting others down over religion!

“Every religion has good and bad but if you take it back to the foundations, every religion is also built on love – to love another.

The purpose of religion is to control yourself , not to criticize others.”


Stacey’s Video:


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