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Internet goes crazy over MBA student Waleed Hassan’s ‘Sun Zara’


Some times even getting the chance never let you prove yourself as you have to put more of your effort and struggle. But this is opposite in the story of Waleed Hassan, who just became a superstar on social media in less than no time, the young-Multani boy breaking the internet successfully.


Waleed Hassan who is the student of MBA at Bahauddin Zakariya university, shocks everyone with his first song, ‘Sun Zara’ which he recorded in Lahore, while he was there at vacations. Waleed uploaded his song on social media and people goes on praising his romantic-track. Around 6 lakh people have watched this song in just initial hours of publicizing.

The young star is indebted on getting much more attention and praises as superstar. He also revealed that his parents were against his learning of music but he sticked to his passion and learnt it.


Waleed also ‘shines’ as a model in the song and his innocent looks have even conquered many hearts and have left many eye-balls stun.



Here is the song ‘Sun Zara’:

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