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Indian Aunty letters to Aunty Pakistan after it’s shaking the twitter


Kaveree Bamzai presenting herself as Indian Aunty writes to Aunty Pakistan, who got massive following within two days on social media.


In a sort of satirical way, the Indian Aunty covered almost all the points raised by Aunty Pakistan on her twitter account. Comparing real Indian Aunties with that of twitter’s Pakistani, Bamzai has nicely thrown lights on the very sayings of Aunty Pakistan about sexism and feminism.

At Aunty Pakistan’s protesting against Burkha (veil), Bamzai said it like this:

“As you tweeted so tellingly the other day: ‘Burkha pehnon to Karachi ki dhoop main jaloon. Burkha nahin peho to jahannum ki aag main jaloon. Indeed. To burkha or not to burkha. That is the question to answer.”

The irony in her letter to Aunty Pakistan is found when she said: “kaafi bold and beautiful hai app in your tweets. Dil ki baat kijiye, di*k ki nahin. Charming way to handle trolls.”

Bamzai humorously also points out on Aunty Pakistan’s act of putting the twitter on storm with her open tweets and said: “Can they (Pakistanis) elect you prime minister of Pakistan please? You seriously have more hair than Nawaz Sharif and definitely more charm.”

Referring Aunty Pakistan’s tweet in which she tweeted: ‘Main khabie mulk chalati hon, khabie ghar. Main khabie school main perhati hon khabie stage pay naachti hon. Main aurat hon. Jo marzi karon’, Bamzai said ‘but the point being that only women can save the world’.


Apart from this letter, Aunty Pakistan’s tweets are still on the way while I’m making this report. Now, in her fresh tweets, she continuously raising voice for feminism and women rights.


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