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India bans eggs in the free-meal scheme after cow’s meat in Madhya Pradesh


NEW DELHI: The Chief Minister of Indian State, Madhya Pradesh, has refused to add eggs in the free-meal scheme for children being launched for the children suffering with low nutrients.


According to a report by BBC, this step has been allegedly taken because the chief minister himself is a vegetarian. Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chohan agrees with Jainism that says that eggs can cause harm to children.

This decision is being severely criticized and on the other hand no explanation has been made so far in this regard by the government of Madhya Pradesh.


Critics said in this regard that more than half of the children of the state are suffering with low nutrients whereas eggs contain a large number of proteins that are easily digestible by such children.

They further said that a large number of local people are also suffering with the same lack of nutrients who could take advantage from this scheme.    

Social activists said in this regard that the people are influencing on such schemes due to their religious beliefs do not get benefit from them. He added that the communities who get benefit from such schemes do not agree with their beliefs whereas no one is ready to take the responsibility of low nutrients in the state.

Before that number of states of India have banned free-meal schemes.

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  1. India leaders sometimes place religious beliefs before the best interests of the people. More than half of the children are suffering from malnutrition, yet the minister denies this protein source to be included in the government sponsored meals for children. This tragedy of forcing children to be malnourished is what makes it impossible for India to become a respected nation because it is tantamount to a form of forced starvation as practiced in the concentration camps of WWII. The leaders of the camps justified their actions as following directives of their leaders. India leaders establish directives on nutrition according to their beliefs even though their own health advisors say otherwise. Starving children should not be treated in this manner.

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