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If your teacher was your first crush, this one is a must-watch video


The first door opens up into many other doors, and that is how we get many crushes after the first one. Most probably teacher is the first crush of many of us, and that all wraps up after we as a kid came to know that we have many other better choices. Especially, the moral lessons we are bring taught turn out to be an eye-opener for us.


But before we knew all these realities, we have turned out a crazy Romeo for our teacher. From doing homework regularly to wearing neat and clean uniform, we didn’t miss a single chance to get appreciation from that particular teacher, who doesn’t even know that she have knocked us down.


A video by Funky Flunky tells the whole story what it happens when we got it into our first crush, unwillingly we turned out the best kid of the town. The video shows a cute school kid, who get in his first crush and tries his all the very best to get it. Finally, unlike our stories, he get it paid for all his effort.

This adorable video will be giving you flashback of your school days when you lost it all to your teacher.

Although many of us didn’t have a happy ending but this one has a best ending, with a ‘victory’ of a kid.

Watch: School Kid trying to impress his teacher


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