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‘If you can, steal our vision’: BOL CEO challenges media-group


Shoab Ahmed Shaikh, the Chairman and CEO of Axact and BOL Group, said they he has a vision which no one can steal.


Mr Shaikh was addressing to a massive gathering where he put forwarded what his mission was which gave him such a power that he worked to fulfill his bigger ambitions. He said that his company in association with BOL has a plan to educate 10 million children with the income they generate from their business.

Expressing his vision with remarkable enthusiasm, the CEO of Axact said that in order to achieve their goals they need a sound infrastructure.

“If we find impediments in Pakistan in building a strong infrastructure, we will shift it in some other country and come back to Pakistan to server it,” he declared.


Referring to those vicious elements that are creating hurdles in their ways and progress, Mr Shaikh said that ‘Seth’ (Chief) ‘is afraid of our grand mission and so taking adopting ‘mean’ actions to stop us’. Now ‘Seth’ is compelled to offer bigger to its employees after seeing ‘the luxuries that we giving to our workers and employees’.

Mr Shaikh said that ‘Seth’ can ‘steal our data, our logo, our workers, but if you dare, then steal our vision and our purpose.’

He also said that BOL media group is offering splendid facilities to its employees and even their family members with 7 star environment and luxury lifestyle.

‘Our journalist is our editor in BOL and is free from any dictatorship or authority. We are grateful to Almighty after such grand achievements in spite of great difficulties’.

Here is the Video:

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