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I was mistaken in favouring democracy, this might be my last show: Dr Shahid Masood


Dr Shahid Masood said that though he is not extremist, he never supported war in Afghanistan and against Taliban.


During talk show, ‘live with Dr Shahid Masood’, the famous anchor person, journalist and analyst briefly narrated his 14 years’ work in media. He said that he proud at being Pakistani and whatever ‘I have no idea whether this show remain after what I am going to say today’.

“I had joined media industry 14 years ago after Pakistan was in a sort of turmoil in the wake of 9/11 incident. I continued with my best efforts to work for the country and for its stability,” he said during the talks.

He expressed that he never supported extremism or Taliban but he said that he was against attack on Afghanistan and killing people.


“I have had high hopes as efforts had been made to revive democracy in the country, but I am ashamed today, and I apologies over what I believed in,” said the analyst.

He also said that he used to get assurance from those who were in an exile, with a hope that they might return and practice a better governance than that of Pervaiz Musharaf. He said that although he has agreements with many policies adopted by Musharaf but he said that he also has disagreement with Musharaf’s dealing with America, Kashmir issue and with many other such matter.

“Although the incumbent government of Nawaz Sharif is much better than that of Zardari, but corruption is still there, system has not been reformed, and nepotism is being practiced,” expressed the journalist.

Here is the clip:

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  1. Either Dr. Masood plans to go to India in search of Democracy or else, go for ziyarat to Madina and end up in the company (and cell) of Zaid Hamid and get some a$$ whipping alongside Mr. Hamid. He has to choose his side and show his true colours.

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