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I thought we had same goals, but we were too different: Reham Khan official interview post-divorce


After the divorce of Imran-Reham, it was Reham Khan who has been facing a lot of criticism over social media and TV channels. Many allegations were made over her and it is still going on, but yesterday she solved many questions in a detailed interview to The Sunday Times.


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In an interview ‘Why Imran Divorced Me’ to British newspaper The Sunday Times, Reham Khan stated that she has been accused of hitting Imran Khan, poisoning him with rat poison and even being a British agent, but no one came to defend her. Now she is there to defend herself and give the answer towards these allegations.

Reham Khan During Interview to The Sunday Times

Telling about her relationship with Imran Khan, Reham Khan said she was of the belief that Khan loved her but time showed that she was wrong. He didn’t give me my marriage ring even. Even our marriage was not registered in Pakistan or UK.


Answering to a question about her relationship with Khan’s family, she answered that Khan’s sisters clearly told me that they are against this marriage. They never welcomed me as his wife even after marriage. My own brother was against this marriage, but I pursued him. Reham Khan said that she think her marriage experience with the Pakistan’s most famous man has been a painful and disturbing experience.

I received no payment for this interview, Reham Khan tweeted

She even cried at the interview saying, “she has been the victim of a witch-hunt.”

Reham negated the rumors that Khan’s divorced her by the mobile message sending the words ‘Talaq’ written three times. “We agreed to part last month before I left Pakistan”, she added. According to Reham, she was given divorce paper by Khan’s representative in the UK.

In response to her recent tweet about black magic, Reham Khan said she actually found some suspicious papers of magical spells during her stay in Bani Gala.

Meanwhile, she told her future plan. “I’ll be back in Pakistan very soon and resume my job as TV journalist”, she shared her future plan.

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