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I divorced Reham to save my life: Dr. Ijaz Rehman


Dr. Ijaz Rehman, the ex-husband of Reham Khan, has disclosed some other secrets behind the reason giving divorce to Reham Khan. “My life was in danger, I saved it after giving divorce to Reham Khan”, he said in an interview.


Dr. Ijaz Rehman in a recent interview along with his current wife Dr. Samavia has said, “My life would have been in danger if I hadn’t divorced Reham Khan.” In an interview, Dr. Ijaz Rehman has revealed that he tried his best to adjust with Reham Khan but Reham had never wished to settle down all family matters. I spend a very hard period of 12 to 13 years with her.


Commenting over the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan, he said that it was impossible for even Imran Khan to manage with such kind of lady. Even he blamed me for torture and domestic violence. She got the order from the UK court but failed to prove all allegations over me put by her. She even so clever that after getting an order from the court, she attacked my expecting that I would show any response so that she can claim again in court, but I showed patience. “Even the police didn’t mention any proof of physical torture in it’s examine and medical report”, he commented over the allegations for domestic violence.

“I have always tried to meet my children, but Reham Khan made it impossible for me because she fears that if children started to meet with their father, they would tell each and everything to him. Child Support Agency of UK has a complete record of it but Reham Khan received hundred or two hundred ponds on the name of children” he added.

Talking about his current life, he said that he is enjoying his life with his present wife Dr. Samavia who is a qualified lady. We both have a good understanding.

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  1. Dr. sahab you saved your life Imran khan is also a chirkut shit when he knows the character of reham. Now who is the next target of reham. this type of ladies are bull shit

    • DR sab r u know u r famous bcz of Reham khan plz thanks to reham khan she famous u and people search about ur self but actually u r just a simple doctor

  2. reham is an angel

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