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Hillary Clinton introduces her own designer collection


Presidential candidate of US, Hillary Clinton has introduced her own designer collection and started the campaign of her new presidential store as well. Cheeky, chic, youth-oriented, ‘red pantsuit t-shirt’ are the words that describes the items of her store well.


Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner of the Democratic presidential nomination and this campaign store of hers can prove to be an important fundraising tool for Clinton because the contestant gets more competitive and more customers give their contact information. Some Republican candidates like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz also have their campaign stores.

It’s an online official campaign store and Hillary has started the campaign of her store on twitter. The store offers clothes, bumper stickers and signs.


The store will allow Clinton to sell goods to bankroll her campaign and to build out her email list for heavy-duty fundraising down the road.

Visitors of the store can find a $ 30 “pantsuit tee” with the Hillary logo, or a t-shirt with the words “women’s rights are human rights”. A $ 55 stitched pillow in the store says “A woman’s place is in the White House”, and a coffee mug has words “Red, white and brew”.

Many of the items in Clinton’s store point to the young, hipper audience that the campaign hopes to attract. There’s a pint glass with the words “made from 100% shattered glass ceiling”, a hodie, and a “canvass canvas” bag.

All the products in the store are American made, according to a Clinton campaign official. The models in the photos are Clinton campaign staffers.

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