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Here’s how Indians reacted when a Pakistani asks for free hugs in Delhi


Amid all the hatred being provoked cross borders, still India and Pakistan posses many similarities. And this is one of the reasons which keeps them connected.


Apart from the misconceptions being injected in minds of residents of both the countries, people from both sides respect each other and are eying to have a peaceful relation between both the nations.

Unlike many others, group of Indian boys have decided to bridge up the difference and misconception between both the countries . These guys up held initiative ‘Ride For Peace India – Pakistan’, following which they will be traveling in different parts of India – Pakistan and will be bringing the thoughts of common people of both the countries.

Up the latest, under umbrella of  ‘Ride For Peace India – Pakistan’, one of the rider setup a social experiment in Delhi.


Watch the social experiment by ‘Ride For Peace India – Pakistan’

The boy hold placard in the capital city of India on which it was written: “I am from Pakistan but I love India as much as you do. Can I get free hugs.” Surprisingly he doesn’t only got dozens of hugs from passerby’s, people also showed off their love by taking selfie with the Indian guy who posed as Pakistani for the social experiment.

About social experiment

Ride For Peace India Pakistan did a social experiment at Connaught Place in New Delhi. Where one of a rider (Dhaval Gori) presented himself as a Pakistani to capture the reactions of people around. The response that we received was completely mind blowing. Watch the video to know more.


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  1. Also try this experiment in Lahore.

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