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Hassan Nisar lashes out at the government and its policies


Hassan Nisar said in his TV program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ that at least 10 million people in Punjab are victims to Hepatitis while the government is only interested in making Metro Bus.


The prominent intellectual and columnist Hassan Nisar is best known for his sever criticism at the government and their moves. In this sitting, he sort out the initiatives taken by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government during its previous and current reign. Her termed all those schemes as ‘Fraud’ and ‘pretentions to grab the money from poor Pakistanis.’

He pointed out that what came out of ‘karz uttaro mulk sunwaro scheme’ launched by PML-N government; and what about ‘yellow cab scheme’, ‘sasti rotti’, ‘youth scheme’ etc. He was of the view that all such programs started by PML-N government did not benefit the public.


He also criticised the current government’s inclination towards making ‘motor ways’, ‘metro bus’ and alike schemes. He said that more than 60% of our youth are unemployed but the government is just interested in such schemes which can fulfil their own pockets.

He raised question on making of ‘motor way’ that caused millions of dollars but ‘could not be turned out to be beneficial for the poor Pakistanis.’

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  1. Mohammad Ali Khan

    Hassan Nisar is a partisan person, used to stand on the container with Mr. Imran Khan
    Whatever Hasan Nisar says is his personal, severe, untrue, exaggerated and cynical opinion-far away from reality

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