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Google Doodle showing Bollywood actress Nargis Dutt in Pakistan


On the birth-day of legendary Nargis Dutt, Google Doodle shows her not only in India but also in Pakistan.


The trend-setter Google doesn’t let itself to ward off any occasion but rather it celebrates every single event with its users. To do so, the big G comes with unique idea to celebrate events by making them manifest into its original logo by making it present the picture of what is aimed to be presented in its Os. This scheme is known Google Doodles.

It not only covers globally recognized events, occasion, historical events, celebrities, legends, but it also covers every single such aspect in accordance with the location.


This time we are going to talk about big G’s displaying of Nargis – legendary actress of sub-continent – on her 86th birth-anniversary. Nargis Dutt, who is also mother of Sanjay Dutt, manifested her artistic skills in some influential films from the day of her debut as a child star till the late 1960s as a leading star.

Today, on June 1st, 2015, Google Doodle places her close-up not only for Indians audience but it is also being shown in Pakistan.

Although a number of Bollywood’s fans are quite glade to see it in Pakistan yet lot of people wondering why Nargis Doodle being shown in Pakistan. As the most of the Pakistanis do want to see some face out of the rich history they have, they are not appreciating the idea of displaying an Indian actress in Doodle in Pakistan.

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