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Gaurav Gera spoofs Ayesha Sana’s catchphrase “Bright Karen”


The popularity of Ayesha Sana has crossed all the barriers, and now this time cross border artist have spoofed the famous catch phrase of Ayesha Sana “Thora Bright Karen”.


The TV host Ayesha Sana’s video, while shouting at the crew of her show was leaked. And following it people lambasted the lady  and in a  satirical manner many Pakistani celebrities lambasted the gorgeous lady with spoofing it in a Dubsmash video.

Although, what Ayesha Sana did was never termed appropriate but the way celebrities rolled in it become famous Dubsmash and became laughingstock for many.

And now the latest proof of this infamous ‘Bright Karen’ video is that the famous Indian stand-up comedian, who have brought some masterpieces like “Shopkeeper and Chutki” have recently spoofed the Ayehsa Sana’s catch phrase. The Indian man, who is known for spreading giggles have done the job with his latest Dubsmash.


Apart from celebrities mocking Ayesha Sana’s short tempered behavior, non-celebs also imitated the famous ‘Bright Karen video’.

Many of the people think that ‘Bright Karen’ was a scripted video but it should be mentioned here that it was a leaked video, captured during the prearrangement of the show.



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Posted by Gaurav Gera on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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