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Faisal Qureshi ranted Saif Ali Khan’s role in Phantom


Popular TV anchor Faisal Qureshi lashed out the Saif Ali Khan for passing out hatred and negative comments about Pakistan in his upcoming movie Phantom.


What will you say it…Freedom of speech or anti-Pakistan sentiment? That was the ground used by Faisal Qureshi to record his response in a funniest and evidential way. Mr. Qureshi has responded the every dialogue of the Phantom in his own way by presenting the evidences as who were responsible for the problems in the region.

Check the conversation between Faisal Qureshi and Phantom characters’ dialogue.

Saif: I don’t have faith in Pakistan, generally!

Qureshi: Look my beloved daughter Saif! We don’t really care if you don’t have faith in Pakistan. Pakistan is not because the faith of you. Piddi Na Piddi Ka Shorba.

Zeeshan Ayyub: They attacked every time on us and we did nothing except boycotted playing cricket with them.

Qureshi: You did nothing because you are unable to do so. Secondly, we have a reason to attack on you. If you will violate the LOC on daily basis then you must ready to pay the price. What are you doing in Baluchistan, Karachi, even in India with Muslims are the sufficient reasons behind our attack on you.  Moreover, you know that you can’t play cricket with us that’s why every time you escape from the field before the scheduled Pak-India series.

Katrina Kaif: Biggest terrorist are in Pakistan they will never get the punishment.1


Qureshi: If according to you there are terrorist in Pakistan and we might have given them the safe place in Pakistan then may be you are right. But one thing is clear that we didn’t make a terrorist prime minister of the state like your Narendra Modi who is the killer of thousands of Muslims. Do you know, your setting prime minister is the biggest terrorist of the region.2 3

Saif Ali Khan now even don’t have faith in himself after four consecutive flop films. So, he is trying to sell Pro-India and Anti-Pakistan story to bag some praises.

Saif: If America can get justice by killing Osama Bin Laden by carrying out a secret operation in Pakistan, why can’t India do the same by killing the masterminds of 26/11?

Qureshi: First, I think there is no reality in secret operation. We are not a blind country. Our agencies and establishment were aware of the operation and it was done with our consent. It is our internal political matter to whom we allow. And secondly you are not America, you are Anda (egg)… Sorry India. Who are you to invade in our country? Hold your film…Film is not film, don’t compare it with reality. Don’t watch movies like Mission Impossible, James Bond and Cat Women.

Qureshi: Do your own business…hold your wishes…..and keep yourself happy by doing Mujraas.4


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    Subhan Allah! Excellent Jaw Breaking Feedback for sure, to the filthy!

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