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Dr Amir Liaquat admits that he acquired degree from Ashwood University


Dr Amir Liaquat gets his statement recorded to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding his obtaining the fake degree from Axact.


According to a report aired on ARY News, Amer Liagat has admitted that he acquired the degree from Ashwood University.

The date of his recorded statements have been retrieved from the Axact server that manifest Amer Liaquat’s name, email address, residential address, name of the university, and his cell number. It also tells that Amer Liaquat had obtained the degree at one of his friends’ credit card against $1136.

According to FIA source, Amir Liaquat has now presented himself to be a victimize who has been deceived and a case should be registered against the company.


Earlier, when he was alleged for the first time about obtaining the degree, he rejected the claims saying he does not need to acquire any degree from such universities that provide fake ones. He also criticised the ARY News reporter to propagate the ‘rumours related to obtaining fake degrees.’.

He said that the channel to which he has been a part of just promoting the rumours which can’t be confirmed as being baseless. He also said that all the sources tell lies about humiliating others and that he doesn’t need any such degree.

He also warned the channel that ‘he will sue it’ if the airing of such false reports are not stopped.

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