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Current year 2015 can be the hottest year after 1880, says Metrologists


Metrologists have said in a latest report that the current year can prove to be the hottest year in average after 1880 according to the statistics recorded in the first five months of 2015.


The report says that the highest temperature records in Ghana, New Guinea, Venezuela and Laos have set during the first five months of the current year.

The average temperature of the world from January to April has been recorded 0.68 degrees more than usual which is an alarming figure.

The hottest days have been recorded in several places of the world during the last twelve months as well.  


US experts say that records of global warming may break this year keeping in view the current changes in climate. There would be decline in rainfall in Pacific Ocean due to climatic changes and may increase in India and Africa. However, weather can be more cool in Europe and UK.

The Met experts have said in a recent report that till May 18, 2015, eight countries have recorded the hottest day of the history and record cold has been observed in Israel this year.

Experts also said that average rise in temperature has been observed in these areas including Australia, USA, Finland, Argentine, Arctic and Antarctica Oceans.

On the other hand, more than 750 people have died so far in India due to recent rise in temperature.

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