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Couldn’t find mobile phone in this picture, here is it!


The social media has changed the way of our living, where many while just staying at their comfort of their homes interact with each other and share messages and ideas. The many other users are just playing part of making things prominent in this world by trolling or sharing it maximum.


All of them, from smart to uber smart just get dumb when the some sort of illusion photo or challenge is being given to them. The very same is being happening from the last some days as a photo of a carpeted room is going viral, and people are asked to find the phone in this picture.

It seemed to be as easy as pie but while you go for it, it leaves you dumb without any clue. The photo was shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook, and many of the people weren’t able to open the knot of this illusion.

Here is the picture, ‘Find the phone in this’:

Finding Phone msytery solved





For all those who were just speculating or thought that it was just a joke here is the phone found in the above photo:

Find Phone


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