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BOL TV network launch date


Kamran Khan, the President & Editor-in-chief of highly anticipated Media Group of Pakistan BOL, delivered an elaborated speech in front of massive audience at Axact – World’s Leading IT Company.


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Mr Khan said that the project ‘is going to be finalized and it soon be launched with its full-fledged embellishment.’

He said that this will be the ‘biggest revolution’ in Pakistani media, and that we have changed the inhuman traditions in field of journalism. Now our decisions will not be made by anyone else but rather by the journalists themselves.


“We are free, our mind is free, our body is free, our channel will also be free and it won’t come under any influence. Our group will work in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan,” said the president of BOL.

He further expressed his determination that this media group will promote positive attitude and ‘we will do away with the custom of spreading such news and information recurrently which would cause anarchy and chaos. We will provide tension-free environment for the employs.

He said that ‘revolution has come’ in media industry of Pakistan. ‘We have facilitated our employees in the best way with giving them honour and respect.

Kamran Khan concluded his speech with the promise to meet next time on BOL screen. However, he didn’t disclose any final date for the launch of BOL.

Here is the Video:

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