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Being human is enough to feel the pain of Rohingya Muslims: Veena Malik Twitted


The brutality and atrocities, which have been practiced on Rohingya Muslims, are no longer hidden from the world. Media, especially social media, has played its vital role in highlighting those inhuman treatment with unarmed minority in Myanmar. Showing solemn concerns and solidarity with oppressed Muslims, Pakistan celebrities have also come forward offering their attachment and favor with Rohingya Muslims.


One of the leading and frequently discussed actress Veena Malik Khan has also raised her voice against the plight of Rohingya Muslims. On her Twitter account, she expressed her unease and pain by saying that being human is enough to feel the pain of those persecuted Muslims in Burma.

Eelier, the super model Ayyan Ali, who had been detained after the case of money laundering, has offered her solidarity with Rohingya Muslims. She expressed her wish that she will offer supererogatory prayer (Nafl Prayer) and fasting with the attention to pray for the end of Rohingya’s distress.

Now, Veena has also become a voice following Ayyan Ali. Meanwhile, Veena Malik Khan has recently performed Umrah along with her husband and their baby. She is currently in Dubai and enjoying her personal life in the company of her husband and cute product of their love. However, she plans to resume her work in some upcoming projects.

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