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Ayyan Ali offers prayers in solidarity for Rohingya Muslims


RAWALPINDI: Super model Ayyan Ali will offer special prayers and fasting against the ferocity being committed over Muslims in Burma.


According to the sources of Adiala Jail, the detained Ayyan Ali expressed her desire in front of jail administrators. She asks for permission as she wants to give alms wishing to stop these brutalities.

She will also offer supererogatory prayer (Salat ul Nafl) to pray for the Rohingya Muslims that may Almighty end these atrocities and start trial of those butchers.


Rohingya Muslims have been persecuted in Burma for quite a few years as they are in minority and the majority Buddhists are killing them since they are Muslims. Their genocide has been spotted and highlighted on social media, which makes human activists to voice for those innocent and maltreated unarmed people.

Ayyan Ali, who was detained after attempting to fly with $500,000 to Dubai, has been under a spot light due to the type of her case and her distinct fashion in every entry to the court. Ever since her detention, each move taken either by her or related to her becomes a hot news and a hot topic to be discussed on social media. Now, as she expressed her wish to have fasting for Rohingya Muslims, she is being discussed in another manner.

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