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Atif Aslam Scandal: Can we really blame Atif for one time kiss and hug


No doubt, Atif Aslam the singer from Pakistan has ruled over million hearts across the globe. Especially, he possess huge fan following from India. Atif is great with his voice and has a superstar attitude.


As you are at top of carrier, you never know when the controversies are going to surround you and sink you deeper in the problems. The people who are cheering for you at once are standing against you, without knowing that there can be some misunderstanding in it. It all provides a superb opportunity to so called patriots, who slams you with their statements.


The same happens with the superstar Atif Aslam at a live music talent show ‘Sur kshetra’ back in 2012, when a female fan came on the stage and kissed followed by a hug. The scene was perceived as vulgar and Atif was criticised on it by his followers and the analysts.

But the Question is that can we really blame Atif for the incident?

No, we can’t because it’s such a difficult task to deal with your fans, if you don’t greet them they termed you as a “rude guy”. Although this incident was not a good one for the people related to Pak-showbiz



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