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Asad Umar tranishes Talal Chaudhry on alleged meeting with Shauja Pasha


ISLAMABAD: PTI top leader Asad Umar on Monday in a political talk show hosted by veteran journalist Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk refuted the long time allegations raised against ex spy master Ahmad Shuja Pasha asked corporate executives to fund Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.


Political opponents of PTI  every now and then in different forums alleged that he insisted corporate executives in a meeting held in Karachi to fund PTI.

Last night, PML-N MNA Talal Chaudhry asked same question in the show, Chaudhry said,” 2011 meeting with Shauja Pasha when he was serving General , Asad showed tell the nation, why pasha was saying, why he was insisting Asad Umar to be a part of PTI”.

Asad Umar smiled and  thanked PML-N MNA to raising the question about the meeting,  PTI MNA i will also reveal the source of information of the report, he said Umer Cheema who is working with Jang/Geo group, but Talal Chaudhry said his source of information is not any journalist.


After two weeks , Umer Cheem phoned me and asked in a meeting with Shuja Pasha, did he asked the corporate executives to fund PTI, I said to Cheema that i was not in the meeting and also commented that i think it is nothing more than rumor because no sane person can ask corporate executives to fund a political party.

Asad further said, just for the information of public,  i was not ENGRO chariman but was also the Presdient of Pakistan Business Council in 2011.

I met once with Shauja Pasha, in the meeting Former DG ISPR Aathar Abbas, Jameel Yousaf and ex editor Dawn Zafar Abbas were there too. It was two hour long seating , the topic of discussion was Karachi, in the meeting they wanted to know the point of view of Business Community on Karachi, in the whole discussion probably not more than 1 minute it came to PTI, according to me , Pasha dismissed PTI as an political reality. Now on source, two days after talking to Umer Cheema on phone, in a political  talk show Tariq Fazl Chaudhry MNA from PML-N was referring that Asad Umar met Shauja Pasha at Zamzama in Karachi.


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