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Altaf Hussain alive; Qandeel Baloch extends ‘get-well-soon’ message


Several days have passed but yet death rumors of MQM supremo Altaf Hussain are all over, although MQM’s leadership cleared the dirt away from the scene as Hussain addressed the party workers at Nine Zero later on the day, when this rumors first started surfacing on the web.


On the very same day many of the leading journalists gestured that Altaf Hussain has left this immortal world, but all the buzz was dumped by by the MQM leaders.

Apart from all that, Social Media entertainer Qandeel Baloch is quite confident that MQM chief is alive and also prayed for his health and safety. Although, yet it isn’t sure that whether it is part of his skit to be in the limelight or she is seriously worried about Hussain’s health.

Qandeel Baloch’s message for Altaf Bhai


The GTS message reads:

Get well soon Altaf Bhai..
I really want you to always stay alive.?



That is not all, she also tried to shut the mouth of the one, who said that Altaf Bhai is no more.

Here is what she responded:


Is Qandeel really caring about Mr. Hussain or it is one of her tactic to gear for more and more attention?

Blast from the past:

Qandeel Baloch posted this back in November, 2015. Captioned as: “OMG….. ???
Big LOL for Altaf Hussain…”

Altaf Hussain alive

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