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AIB starring Irfan Khan makes a satirical video on Bollywood Party Songs’ business


‘100 crore Kamaney Hoon, just make a party song’, a special video parody of Honey Singh’s famous ‘Party online’ that comprises of lyrics badly exposing the party songs of Bollywood.


Irfan Khan, while seating alongside his secretary, responding to couple of guys who are asking about his movies, work, acting and the party songs. Upon this, the versatile actor Irfan Khan gives vent to his views about the Party Song, which have become a part and parcel of almost every B-Town movie.

He critiques the party songs and says: “Party songs main hota hi kya hai karney ke liye? Nangi ladkiyan dekho, sharaab-waraab phenko, thoda camera idhar tedha medha karo, yehi sab hota hai, aur kya hota hai?”

During the discussion with these guys, Irfan Khan said that no one in the whole industry wants to see such people.

In the next shot, Irfan Khan takes the viewers to his party song where he is highlighting what the party songs actually are and what benefits they provide the producer of the film.


The lyrics of this parody is a mix-plate comprising both Hindi and English with the use of slang words bluntly and severely criticises the makers of party songs.

The lines of this video parody also highlights the phenomenon that producers damn care about the talent of the actors and go for making just stupid video songs to earn maximum profit. Another line during the song says that in most of such party songs there is an extra actor that acts like a black buy but in reality all of them are ‘Racist.’  And other aspect of party songs videos how girls/women have been objectified, but no misogyny labeled on songs censor board let it pass without any fuss.

This video is a unique work by the famous B-Town versatile actor Irfan Khan who has done a great job in making this parody song.

Here is the Video:

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