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Ahmed Shahzad and Asad Shafiq makes debut on Dubsmash


Cricketer Ahmed Shahzad knows very well how to remain in the limelight by adopting current strategies that are mostly liked on social media.


Now Shahzad has come up with a new style and blasted his new entry in dubsmash, a new wave of making self dubbed videos and upload it on social media.

Ahmed Shahzad has uploaded his first dubsmash on social media along with cricketer Asad Shafiq and they act out the famous dialogue ‘Yeh haath hum ko dede’ of film ‘Sholay’.

Although, the video couldn’t go on well and it didn’t receive a positive response from the viewers but we can hope that Shahzad may come up with some good video in future.


Dubsmash are getting so much popular among the people not only among the celebrities and super stars but among the common people as well and everyone is looking busy now a days in making dubsmash. So, we can say that the ‘selfie fever’ is now getting over from the public.

Dubsmash clip:

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