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Agha Noor Sale Karachi: Women’s impatience broke down the door at Dolmen Mall (Video)


It is well known that women are shopping-manic, but we aren’t well aware that for this purpose they can cross any limit. The recent video captured at Agha Noor at Dolmen Mall, Karachi shows that how women broke the door of the renown clothing franchise situated in one of the  most sophisticated area of Karachi, Clifton.


The guards and management of Agha Noor tried to stop the ladies to avoid any untoward incident, although in the video it can clearly be clearly seen that women crowd looks unstoppable and crushed down every of the hurdles came in between them and their shopping sale. The women who might be the most disciplined in their whole of the family while seeing some whopping discounts forget all the ethics and started pushing and shouting not only to the other ladies, also to the staff of the clothing franchise.


The women were so self-conscious and were just intending to avail as much as the sale offer they can, many people on social media castigated the incident saying it seems like a video of the Judgment Day.

After the bunch of women successfully broke down the gate and entered the mall, they just stick to the clothes  as honey bee do the flower’s petal.

The video captured by anonymous is of the sale event organized by the Agha Noor over its 4 years of inception. And the women rushing on to grab the opportunity shows how much they were going crazy for the sale offer by the company.


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