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Aamir Khan expressing views on Islam, ISIS, Terrorism


Bollywood mega star Aamir Khan said that the Islam has no relations with any sort of extremism and that religion is not responsible for form of terrorism activity.


During a Q&A in front of masses, Mr Perfect rejected the perception of the link between Islam and terrorism. The question was asked from the audience to which Aamir arguably answered

“My problem is not with IS, but rather with the kind of thinking…today, it could be IS, tomorrow it could another organization.”

“The extreme thinking what I am about because extreme thinking, no matter where it comes from, is very destructive and very negative,” explained Aamir.


He said that he certainly has a problem with IS and the extreme thinking whatever it may come from or may have been created in any section.

The veteran actor of Bollywood has made his stance quite clear related to his views on extremism and terrorism. He fairly expressed that he doesn’t think of any relation between extremism and Islam.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan has been a talk of town since his remarks about his country. His considering Indians practicing intolerance became a hot potato among the Hindu extremist group of India that severely condemned his stance.


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