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An oblivious Brazilian man sings, plays guitar while having brain surgery


A Brazilian guitar enthusiast twanged with the instrument while being undergoing brain surgery in a hospital in Brazil.


The 33-year-old Anthony Kullkamp Dias also sang at least six songs while the surgeons remained busy in performing surgery to get rid of his brain tumor, as said by the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceicao. Dias played ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles, a few Brazilian hit numbers and an original song called ‘Emanuel,’ which he named to his son.

Interestingly, he was fully awake and talking during the operation to monitor and map the brain for possible injuries to patches that monitor motor function and speech, which might be affected by the deletion of the tumor according to the doctors.


In an interview, Dias said he found out about his brain tumor a few days before his son was born. The wild idea to play the guitar and sing during the surgery hit him the day before he was brought into the operating room.

Meanwhile, he has been enjoying playing guitar for 20 years and also plays the accordion, keyboards, trumpet and the flute.

According to Dr Jean Abreu Machado, the anaesthesiologist and clinical director at the hospital, the brain tissue does not have sensors to pain, causing an interesting challenge to doctors on how to ‘keep the patent awake and pain-free.’

Dias said he did not feel any pain and the doctors removed 90% of his tumor.

Here is the Video:

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