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Smog precautions: Face masks running out of stock


The smog is turning out some serious threat to the people living in Lahore and other areas. Though the smog is ruling different parts nationwide, but the most to be affected with this condition are the cities of Punjab.

According to the sources, smog has caused a total 610 road accidents all across the district Punjab during the last 24 hours, killing 20 people and leaving another 506 wounded.



Not only this skin allergies and other infections have also wide spread due to the smog which is said to be persistent for next some days till the rain falls.

It should be kept mentioned that India and China are the other two countries suffering due to the smog.

Government asked the citizens to wear face masks and also drive carefully especially in the peak hours of smog.

According to the latest report, face masks and eye drops are running out of stocks in Lahore. Even the steep in their prices due to shortage is also reported by the citizens.


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