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Sisters in Arms ISPR Video: Shows it is tough but women are proud to serve Pak Army


ISLAMABAD: Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) released a video showing women who are serving Pakistan Armed Forces  how they cope with all the stuff round the clock.


4 minutes video starting  with the glimpse of their  off-duty activities, like any-other women, they gave time to their families, they cook, they socialize, pursue their hobbies.


Later part of video showed the views of Pak Army professional and how they work in their departments, “It is more difficult for a women to go out and have a professional life as well as managing a family”, one of the Army officer said in the video.


“Pakistan is my country and I was born here, I was raised here and I think there is no match to Pakistan to anywhere in the world, Think of all those Islamic states, think of all those developing nations, this is the only country which has had female general officer, no one else, said Brigadier Nigar Johar, Deputy Commandant, CMH Rawalpindi.


nigar fatima
Screen Grab: Brigadier Nigar Johar, Deputy Commandant, CMH Rawalpindi



“Pakistan women are hard, they are brave, they are strong”, Aeronautical engineer who works on different system of aircrafts said in a video.


Screen Grab: Aeronautical Eengineer


In a nutshell it is can be said a ‘ good attempt’ by ISPR, to negate the perception that only men are sharing the burden of all handwork in  Pakistan Army, secondly it is quite evident in the video there is no such restriction regarding the veil.


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