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Singer-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed accused of Blasphemy


Pakistan: The singer-turned- preacher Junaid Jamshed has been accused of Blasphemy. The situation broke out when, Junaid Jamshed’s video got viral in which he found to pass disrespecting remarks about Hazart Ayesha ; wife of  Hazart Muhammad (PBHU). Earlier, J.J in recent times also came under the ridar of Liberal section of Pakistan, when he gave a tip in a live show that if you want to control your wives, dont let them drive the car.


The Video:


Junaid Jamshed is a member of  Tableegi Jamat ( religious movement started by Muhammad Ilyas Kandhwali  on 1927),  Tableegi Jamat  denounced any thing to do with  Junaid Jamshed comments, declaring as it is a J.J personal opinion, Maulana Tariq Jameel in a video message strongly condemns   J.J’s remarks about Hazart Ayesha. Tableegi Jamat respects whole family  Phrophet ofMuhammad (PBHU) and Shahba (campinion of Prophet), Juniad should apologize publicly, said Tariq Jameel.

Here is video of  Tariq Jameel:



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After hue and cry against J.J in social media and Tariq Jameel’s advice to apologize publicly, Juniad Jamshed releases the video on his offical Facebook page:

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