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Shoukat Dhanani an entrepreneur hailing from Pakistan owns one of the largest private businesses in America


The word ‘entrepreneur’ is not something too old for Pakistan, as entrepreneur and entrepreneurship has just seen uplift in the country from last several years, though you will be shocked to hear that one of the most successful entrepreneurs in U.S. is of Pakistani origin.


You might not have heard this name any before, Shoukat Dhanani, an entrepreneur hailing from Pakistan runs one of the largest private businesses in America.

Story of Dhanani is inspiring for every of the wannabe entrepreneur in Pakistan as Shoukat Dhanani, who went on to U.S. to attend college like many others, set a mammoth business  without venture capital or private equity money.

Shoukat Dhanani’s ‘Dhanani  Group’ runs around 130 convenience stores around Houston, 502 Burger Kings and 170 Popeye restaurants across America and all this makes Dhanani Group the 3rd largest restaurant franchise in USA.


Dhanani’s journey in U.S. started with opening convenience stores in 1976, Dhanani’s father, Hassan Ali Dhanani guided his family to set these successful businesses.

60-years-old successful entrepreneur also shared his father’s advice, “We always believed in staying low-key and under the radar,” says Dhanani. “That’s what our dad taught us.”

Dhanani group has witness enormous growth in last some years, as in early 2010, they just had 40 Burger Kings, but later they took bold step to buy troubled franchises, and that really worked in their favor. “We had a lot of cash. The economy was good. And it was a great time to buy out troubled franchisees,” he said.

Many of the readers will be up with a question about his total net worth currently, “if you add everything up, it would be over $2 billion” Dhanani said.

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