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Shareef asks Karzai to seal the Durand Line


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan PM Nawaz Shareef has beseeched Afghan President Hamid Karzai to help stop militants escape a major military offensive, as jets battered Taliban hideouts in North Waziristan tribal region for a third day Tuesday.


Shareef craved his Afghani counterpart to seal their penetrable border along a mountainous tribal area where the Pakistani army has set troops and tanks in a long-awaited crackdown on rebellions.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s army launched the offensive, named Zarb-i-Zzb on Sunday, a week after an attack on Karachi airport killed dozens and marked the end of a troubled peace process. Departure of militants from the area had been a concern ahead of the operation, with residents and officials reporting that the majority of Taliban and foreign fighters had escaped to eastern Afghanistan.


According to Tasnim Aslam, the Foreign Office spokesperson, Shareef had requested Karzai to help stop the flow of people.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef called Hamid Karzai last night to request him for the closure of Afghan border to avoid exit of militants to Afghanistan from Pakistan during the military offensive. The message was earlier conveyed via military sources and Afghan authorities were also requested for an action against militants’ sanctuaries in Afghanistan which are being used for attacks inside Pakistan. I am not aware about the response of Mr. Karzai to these requests,” she said


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