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‘Shaheen Al Jazeera’ exercises of Pakistan-Bahrain Naval Forces concluded


The bilateral naval exercise ‘Shaheen Al Jazeera’ of Pakistan and Royal Bahrain aiming at polishing skills to tackle maritime terrorism and all the other menace related to sea have been concluded.


“Shaheen Al Jazeera”, a series of special forces exercise, have regularly been conducted since 1997 between Special Services Group-Navy (SSG-N) and the Bahrain Navy special forces at Karachi and Manama continually during alternate years.

The special forces of the two nations have demonstrated various operations adhered to maritime counter terrorism during the exercise as well as interdiction operations of Maritime Special Warfare (MSW) teams effectively.


As stated Nadeem Bokhari, spokesperson for the Pakistan Navy Commodore, the exercise culminated with the show-off of collaborated special forces operations at sea which comprised of boarding procedures through surface and air platforms.

Commanders of the special operation forces of Royal Bahrain and the Pakistan Navy witnessed the summing up part of the exercise. The commanders lauded the ace conduct and knack in related field manifested by the participating teams.

Both the commanders boasted that the exercise ‘Shaheen Al Jazeera’ has provided productive augmentation and interoperability between the two navies and their special operation forces.

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