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Shab-e-Barat to be observed tonight in Pakistan


According to the Islamic lunar calendar, the 15th day of the eight month (Shaaban) has been celebrated among the Muslim nation around the world.


The distinguished night, in the light of Islamic belief, is considered to be the night full of blessings. The Muslims usually spend this particular night in offering prayers, reciting Qur’an and other remembrances of Allah. In countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the special arrangements and gatherings are made to celebrate the night; besides, there is also a tradition to prepare dishes, in particular, the traditional halwa and sweet rice are cooked to distribute among the neighbours.



The preceding night is known as Laylatul Bara’ah or Laylatun Nisfe mean Sha’ban in the Arab world, and as Shab-e-barat in Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. These names are translated to the night of records, the night of assignment, the night of deliverance or the night of salvation, and the observance involves a festive nightlong vigil with prayers.

There are several other names for this night as well:

Berat Kandili (in Turkey)

Lailat al-Baraa (Arabic: Night of innocence, or Night of Salvation, or Seeking Freedom from Calamity)

Nisfu Sya’ban (in Malay speaking countries)

Nim Sha’ban (Persian: in Afghanistan and Iran)

Nisf Sha’ban ( Arabic: in Arabic speaking countries)

In performing nawafil prayers, Sala’t ul Tasbeeh is considered significant as having the merit to removing all the sins done in the past by the person who offers these nawafil.

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