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Sethi and Ramday rejected Imran’s allegations


LAHORE: Former caretaker chief minister of Punjab Najam Sethi said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan is accusing him at the behest of what he called the “third force”.


“Imran Khan is dancing to the tune of the ‘third force’ and, therefore, he has started believing in the conspiracy theory that the May 2013 elections were rigged,” Mr Sethi told Dawn in reaction to the allegations leveled against him by Mr Khan.

“I wonder how Mr Khan could believe in the conspiracy theory. On his recommendation I did not appoint Chaudhry Zaman as chief secretary of Punjab. I transferred at least 15 officers who were considered close to the Sharifs. The Sharifs were not happy over this.

“I brought upright officers for the posts of chief secretary, additional chief secretary and home secretary and nobody could point a finger at their work,” he said, adding that the education secretary had not been removed at the request of the then British ambassador because a project worth millions of British pounds was under way in the province.


“The health secretary also was in the middle of negotiations with the World Bank for a grant of Rs4 billion for a project. He was also effectively controlling measles epidemic. As far as the finance secretary was concerned he was a competent officer and funds had already been frozen after the election schedule was announced,” Mr Sethi said.

He said that either of the two could be involved in rigging, ROs or caretaker Chief minister, hence, Imran should have blamed either him or ROs.

Sethi said that Imran had been his friend but turned against me publishing the columns which made his infuriate.

Likewise, Retired Justice Khalil Ur Rehman Ramady, a former judge of the Supreme Court, also rejected these baseless allegations made by Imran.

“It appears that some allies of Imran Khan are misguiding him. I have the right to take legal action against the PTI chief, Ramday said.

Retired Justice Riaz Kayani denied to have met with Sharif brothers.

“I met Ramday as a friend and no words on elections were exchanged. I never meant Pervez Malik either,” he said.

Moreover, Mahbood Anwar said a provincial election commissioner has no permission to increase the number of ballot papers. Therefore, there is no possibility of printing additional ballot papers, as said by him.

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