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Senate website restored one day after being hacked


ISLAMABAD: The website deliberated to manager upper house data, which was disabled late Monday night after being under a hacking attack, is now restored.


The website (www.senate.gov.pk) got under attack of hackers on Monday night allegedly by ‘Tunis’ hackers and as initial reports maintained the IP address could be traced to a foreign country. The website has now been reinstated.

Talking to media representatives, a Senate official said that they were coordinating with the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) to retrieve the website and its data.

When the NTC was endeavouring to decode where the hack stemmed from, the only information that could be fetched was ‘Tunis’.


“Hence the attack could be traced back to a foreign country,” said the senate official.

According to another official, the hackers carried out the attack on the Senate’s systems ‘just for fun’.

On the other hand, other media reports maintained that hackers reportedly uploaded the blemish content against the Middle East to give a rise to fire between the Arab countries and Pakistan for their verdict to not take part in the Yemen war.

Moreover, currently the site is offline and not content is available for display for the time being. However, officials at the Senate claimed that the website had been retrieved.

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