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Saudi Airline suspends its flights for Peshawar.


PESHAWAR: The Saudi Airline whose flight Boeing 750 was attacked while landing on the Bacha Khan airport which resulted in the death of one woman and injury of two men.


Civil Aviation Authority confirms the suspension of Saudi Airline while the concerning airline has diverted all its flights to Islamabad. However, the decision is not welcomed by the passengers who have to bear a sort of anxiety over the diversion of the flights towards Islamabad rather than Peshawar. Not only the passengers but the crew of the airline is also worried over the decision.


On the other hand, the airline justifies the verdict as the landing area of Bacha Khan Airport starts with Bara and Dara Adamkhel tribes and that’s why the airport is not considered as secure as it should be. Moreover, the airport is surrounded with residential area which also provides hideouts for the malicious persons.

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