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Rulers want to spend last few hours in their residency: Qadri


ISLAMABAD: The chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Tahir ul Qadri said that few hours are left for the end of government here on Sunday.


Addressing to the participants of the revolution he said that Pakistan has enough resources to solve the economic deadlock of this history. He said that under the system that has been in Pakistan for 65 years will never allow people to get justice.

“Today I will elaborate where the resources to implement the 10-point agenda of the PAT will come from,” Said Qadri.

Explaining his party’s aim he said that the PAT’s revolution is meant to implement the constitution of Pakistan which guarantees basic rights of the people.

He charged the leaders of Pakistan of having devoured the sources of Pakistan and all the loans which have been taken for the betterment of Pakistan. And the sins of swallowing the rights of nation will have to be amended for by the public because the guilty ones tend to run away.

Qadri made it clear that after the revolution the commitments in the preamble of the constitution will be fulfilled by the revolution. Moreover, he said that the loan taken by these looters have been used to make empires in foreign countries.
“The constitution of Pakistan gives people basic human rights and equality, but they are non-existent in Pakistan,” he explained.
Our revolution is base on Quaid-e-Azam’s pledge and fulfillment of commitments contained in Objective Resolution.
“The rulers have destroyed the country, and they lie to the whole nation claiming the country is moving forward.”
He declared that his revolution does not aim at derailing the democracy and that it does not contradict the Constitution.
There is a need to end nexus between power and business to uphold the Constitution.
Regarding the sources found in Pakistan Qadri said that Pakistan is the 5th largest country in terms of being home to coal resources. He said that the rulers are not working honestly otherwise such abundance of sources would change the fate of the Nation.
“Pakistan sits on precious mineral resources that can be used to steer it out economic mess,” he said.

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