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Raheel Sharif fills vacuum created by Pakistani civilian leadership: Wall Street Journal Report


The Pak Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sahrif is filling the security political gaps created by Pakistani civilian leadership. The decision making power on critical security-policy matters rest with the soldier-statesman, analyzed by The Wall Street Journal.


Wall Street Journal recently throws light over the role of Pak Army Chief in Pakistan. The international newspaper declared the visit of Gen. Sharif in Washington in next month more important than any other issue. The role played by the Raheel Sharif in Afghan peace process, decision making over critical security policy matters, operation against terrorism including Islamic extremists and progress over Pakistan’s nuclear power program can’t be neglected.

According to WSJ, a senior official in United States said, “The civilian entities don’t have the ability to deliver on a few things.” “As for General Raheel Sharif, he can deliver”, he added.


WSJ has also claimed that during a debate with a defense think tank, Royal United States Institute, General Raheel Sharif has said, “Lack of good governance had create a vacuum and required to play a wide-ranging role as a soldier statesman.”

General Raheel Sharif has successfully turned himself into a ‘cult hero’ by battling against terrorism especially by restoring peace in the most violent and metropolitan city of Pakistan that is Karachi. However, still every matter is not on routine but the figures of terrorist attacks, suicide bombing and killing of security forces are minimizing gradually since 2006 as per report of South Asia Terrorism Portal.

Well there are no issue between Army and Civilian Leadership. In fact, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has deliberately handover the security issues to the army and himself focusing on economy and state welfare programs. And Gen. Sharif had been supportive of civilian institutions.

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  1. You don’t have problem when half of Israel is run by either military or ex military. I don’t see this as a problem. Because Pakistan surrounded by terrorists including Hindu terrorists SS India.

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