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Public’s desirable change should be introduced, says Pervez Musharraf


In an interview with a private TV Channel on Tuesday night, former president of Pakistan General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf expressed his positive signal for the ‘change’ as a demand of masses and advised the United States to stop interfering in Pakistan’s internal issues.


Pervez Musharraf said, “the change must come before elections.”

The former president said that he has never seen such a huge gathering in a protest which has been continuous for weeks like the current march in Islamabad.

“Tahirul Qadri is demanding for change. Imran Khan is asking for the audit of ballot papers and fair elections,” he said.


He clarified that elections were not possible at the moment in his estimate.

The former president said that corruption, nepotism, terrorism, tanking economy and no access to justice are some of the problems affecting people and Pakistan.

“People are not getting justice,” he opined.

“There is no doubt that there was rigging in the election. People will come out into streets if there is no justice and no improvement in people’s lives,” he said.

He further added that all segments of the society of Pakistan have their representation in these protests in which people demands for a change.

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