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Public sentiments of Pakistan People


Abraham Lincoln says “Public sentiment is everything”. This very statement of Lincoln seems true in the series of recent events developed in Pakistan. Geo is the sole recipient of the public wrath, after accusing Army of the incidence happened to seasoned anchorperson Hamid Meer. Next episode was Imran’s stance of Election rigging, PTI chairperson alleged GEO for helping Nawaz Sharif to snatch the highest chair of power in Pakistan from Imran’s Tsunami, and the final nail in the coffin was Shaista’s morning show which erupted the religious emotionalism in the country. Let’s not dig any deeper as there is always a devil in the details.
Let’s analyze the Lincoln’s maxim in a commercial perspective test case is Geo TV network ,Pakistan with the mobile users exceeding the 130 millions in numbers, telecom companies are the major contributor for gaining business .Capitalizing on public sentiments, all the companies decided to withhold their advertisement campaign. This strategy can be referred as riding on the wave; it will help telecom giants to win the confidence of public more than ever.


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